Farewell show

TND plays last gig on Kingsday Netherlands at Little Devil Tilburg

26th April 2014: An intimate seance of incineration, penance & euthansia

And free entrance so what say ye! We will also have a surprise for every fan that will be there on the 26th.

In dutch (announcement little devil):

We konden het zelf maar moeilijk geloven. Één van de meest toonaangevende, poepruige Tilburgse deathmetalbands van de afgelopen tien jaar doet het licht uit. Na talloze shows door binnen en buitenland en het uitbrengen van twee platen: “And Kindling Deadly Slumber” (2009) en “Procreating The Undivine (2013) houden deze bazen het voor gezien.
Hoe eindigen we zo een episch hoofdstukje in metalminnend Little Devil? Met een knal van jewelste! Kom deze moordende machine nog één keer aanschouwen.

Klik hier voor het facebook event.


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Webstore update

TND merch at a discount

Insanity for sale!

Since we announced the end of our eight year reign we would like to give you a final chance to purchase the last of our stock at a discount.

The webstore line-up is as follows:
CD – …And Kindling Deadly Slumber € 2,99*
CD – Procreating The Undivine € 5,99*
T-shirts and Girly’s (all sizes) € 4,99*
* The prices exclude shipping costs.

So grab the opportunity before we wil shut down the webstore permanently at the end of 2014.
Take care and release the insanity!


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Band update

TND decides to “pull the plug”

- Lethal but liberating -

It appears that the most inevitable of hours has finally arrived at our misfortunate doorstep;
Due to the ever expanding amount of personal responsibilities and the never diminishing temptations of other individual challenges for each of us, we have made the hardest decision we could make as a band.
All the possible options have been carefully weighed and held against the light. Yet, the only constant always to remain in order to stay true to ourselves, also seems to lead us upon the most lethal path; the one of euthanasia.

One last séance of insanity can be witnessed within the next couple of months, before we will accept this infernal embrace as being permanent.
Details concerning this event will be revealed on short notice.
Insanity knows no boundaries; the more when inflicted upon one self.

Hail the flagellated flesh!

The New Dominion

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Album update XI

TND excretes second single “Atonement of Species”

- Infest, reduce & destroy!!! -

Due to the insane amount of responses we received on our first single “Ommatidea”, we feel it is about time to introduce our next endeavor of sickness to humanity; “Atonement of species”
We trust we can again count on your relentless enthusiasm, as this track represents a far more more groovy, yet ruthless mid-pass death metal vibe. While being a nearly totally different facade of this band it still contains all the elements necessary for a crowd to go completely mental. Crank up your amps, gather your hordes and make your neck snap in the stampede.

go directly to our media section or youtube channel

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A new member joins the ranks…

TND announces new bass player

Celebrating the wicked

As can be witnessed on our new bandpicture below, a fifth member has again been added to our insanity-alliance. Ladies & gentlemen, please do welcome our new Messiah of the sub-low registers; bassplayer Ralph van Creij.

TND2013Statement Ralph: “Well, Goodevening world! ……I unveil myself to you. An honour it is to enter this compassionate group of individuals and what a pleasure it will be, spreading this insanity-driven piece of work that is “Procreating the Undivine” with such great musicians. I, for one, can’t wait to let the music get you by the “you-know-what” and let the fierce and ferocious stabs of manic music blast all over you.  There. I am eager …….. are you?”

From left to right: Bart, Michiel, Ralph, Yuma, Tom.

We will start rehearsing next month so we’re locked and loaded the fourteenth of september at the Bibelot in Dordrecht. See you then!

*bandphoto made by Dennis Wassenburg
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Extra PTU review update

Unedited album review

This is an extra post with the review of our album Procreating The Undivine in the renowned Dutch magazine Aardschok (see the added photo). Unfortunately they decided to place our review in the self-published section which means our album did not get a score unlike other records that have been released by a label. Luckily the reviewer, Wouter Dielesen of Aardschok, send us the unedited text seen below. He gave the album 89 out of 100 points! Thanks Wouter. For other reviews of the album click here.

Aardschok Metal MagazineAardschok review July 2013

Procreating The Undivine
Eigen Beheer
Wouter Dielesen

Met debuutlangspeler ‘…And Kindling Deadly Slumber’ eigende The New Dominion zich in 2009 een stevige plek toe op de Nederlandse metalkaart. De Tilburgse band gooide hoge ogen met een mix van melodieuze death, thrash en Zweedse metal. Die leverde het heerschap een Europese tour op death metalpionier Pestilence. Omdat Patrick Mameli drummer Yuma van Eekelen kort na die trip aantrok als vervanger va Peter Wildoer (Darkane), ging The New Dominion op een laag pitje. Pas in 2011 pakte de groep de draad weer op, waarna het uiteindelijk nog eens twee jaar duurde voordat ‘Procreating The Undivine’ tot volle wasdom kwam. Met dat album kondigt de groep nu niet alleen zijn terugkeer aan, ook bewijst de band een enorme groei doorgemaakt hebben, gevangen in songtitel „Perverted To Perfectio”. De tien tracks steken buitengewoon goed in elkaar, lopen bijna over van variatie en geven blijk van sterk ontwikkelde speltechnische vaardigheden.

Continue Reading >>

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Gig update N201 Aalsmeer 06/21/13

Coming friday – last gig with Dennis Aarts on bass

New member soon to be announced

 Dennis_TNDVia this way we want to thank Dennis for his enormous effort and dedication to fill in the spot of bass player the last couple of months. If you wish to follow his other endeavour, check out his own band Drown The Moth. We had a great time with Dennis, not only during the rehearsals but also on stage, where his live-experience really gave an extra dimension to our performance, enthousiasm and tnd-insanity.  So coming friday you’ll have the chance to see us in this composition for the last time. We will see you there, cheers!

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Album update X


Procreating The Undivine now available via iTunes pre-order

Release date first of June 2013

The long wait is over. The New Dominion chooses to release its new album independently of a label for now. We would not want to wait any longer for the possibility of a recorddeal to present itself and lose our momentum promoting the album. The album pre-order is available as we speak via iTunes.

Following the first of June our music will also be available via cdbaby, iTunes, Google Music Store, Amazon MP3, Last.fm, Spotify, Rhapsody, Nokia and others. If you want the actual product, it will also be available following the first of June via our own Store section.

Share the news – Listen to the Insanity


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Album update IX

TND releases first single “Ommatidea”

Our resistless banquet, your feast for all disease

If we accidently got your juices flowing with our album-teaser last month, than it just might be senseable to brace yourselve. The choice to release this particular song as being the first single of “Procreating the Undivine” is an obvious one, since it represents the overall theme of the album. Lean back, slit your wrists and enjoy the ride!!

go directly to our youtube channel

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Album update VIII

Teaser – Procreating The Undivine online

Ten devastating songs

Finally, the time has come to release a teaser of our new album “Procreating the Undivine” !
Please rate, like, and share the hell out of this beauty.

check out the vid in the media section or go directly to our youtube channel

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